The Top SecurityThreats

27 Sep 2016

SSL Distributor from Nepal

1. The Insecurity of Things IoT: –

The Internet of Things has become flooding of things. Hundreds of connected devices have emerged to interact with, monitor and simplify just about every sector of our life. Because of these technologies, any one has access to sensitive, personal information and they also introduce a variety of new security threads and issue for attackers to exploit our information.

In 2016 IoT takes a new meaning The Insecurity of Things. In past year IoT is was not a big deal but nowadays each and every device like TV, microwave, cars are connected to the Internet which show must vulnerabilities in IoT.

2. Sophisticated DDoS Attacks: –

In 2016 DDoS attacks become more sophisticated, much of the report focused on the size of the attacks, the attackers have evolved beyond the simple attack and adapt the must defensive network.

Denial of service attacks is more dangerous and rapid than anything else’s on the Internet. They are not directly stolen or harm the information but just flood the side or services and make the information unavailable. Nowadays DDoS attacks are more advanced and have a very real impact on the system.

3. Social Media attacks: –

In the country like our must of us are enjoying the social media without knowing its vulnerabilities, must of the social media user are unknown about its underlying security threads. Attackers are developing new technologies to exploit the networks and taking out the confidential data and diplomatic conversation. The security measures can overcome the stolen credentials and click on dubious links.

The social media are a serious concern for maintaining information securities. The social media user and contents are growing day by day and the awareness and vigilance is the best way to minimize it.

4. Mobile Malware: –

By the increment of mobile devices, security experts have been banging about the threat of mobile form some years. The fact that there are no any such major attacks has encoded by mobile devices but it does not mean user doesn’t take it seriously. The volume of mobile devices and increment in mobile malware thread increase the major attack will happen. Will the upcoming year be?

All the businesses and communication data are a shift to using mobile devices. Most of the attackers, cyber criminals are on targeting these platforms—specifically jailbroken IOS and Android devices. Lock and wipe aren’t enough for devices.

5. Third-party Attacks: –

Attackers generally take least resistance path and they learn that third-party provider can be very good way to move on the secure corporate network. The attackers will be able to obtain valid network credentials from third-party providers and just walk in. we may not be able to do much to prevent third party attacks but keep all services updated and employ security control against attack.




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