Nascoit 2016 Supports Information Security Response Team Nepal

Nascoit 2016 Supports Information Security Response Team Nepal
27 Sep 2016




Nepal College of Information Technology proudly presents an International IT Conference on ICT for INTELLIGENT COMPUTING on 27th August 2016.

 Important Dates:

 Last date of paper submission:              August 10, 2016

Final Camera-ready submission:          August 20, 2016

Registration Deadline:                         August 23, 2016

Conference Day:                                 August 27, 2016

Venue: Hotel Yak & Yeti, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. (Updated)

Conference Theme

Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Intelligent Computing is the main theme of Eight National Students’ Conference on Information Technology (NaSCoIT 2016).

 Sub Theme

Papers are invited from the university/College students (including recent graduates, Ph.D. degree holders) in a wide variety of information and technology related areas including, but not limited to:

  1. Mobile computing
  2. Smart Computing
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Ubiquitous computing
  5. Green computing
  6. Big data
  7. Optical Communications and Networking
  8. Network management and Services
  9. Industrial Robotics
  10. Semantic web technologies
  11. ICT for nation development
  12. Ad-hoc networks
  13. Sensor networks and wireless communication
  14. Knowledge management and Engineering
  15. Internet of Things
  16. Bio-informatics
  17. ICT for disaster management
  18. Embedded system and software
  19. Ethical Hacking and Computer Security


To participate in this conference, registration should be made by August 23, 2016 by paying registration fee as given below, drawn in favor of NCIT.

Individual( non-student) – Rs. 2000/- per participant

Individual ( student) – Rs. 1500/- per participant

College Registration – Rs 10000/-

(max. of 6 participants per college)

 Paper Submission Guidelines

Paper should be submitted in soft-copy, either by e-mail (, or Pen-drive or CD-Drive in MS-Word, or PDF Format, formatted as per this guideline.

  • Target paper size is A4.
  • All material on each page should fit within a rectangular area left out, after leaving the margin of 1″ from top, bottom and left, and a margin of 0.75″ from the right. The text should be in two equal sized columns with a spacing of 1 cm in-between.
  • Paper Heading: Helvetica 18-point bold Font
  • Authors’ names Helvetica 12-point Font
  • Authors’ Affiliations: Helvetica 10-point Font, run across the full width of the page – one column wide.
  • Authors’ Phone Number: Helvetica 10-point Font
  • Authors’ E-mail Address: Helvetica 12-point Font
  • Body Text: 10-point Times Roman Font
  • Footnotes: 8-point Times New Roman Font, and justified to the full width of the column.
  • References and Citations: 10-point Times New Roman Font, and justified t the full width of the column.
  • Headers and Footers: Should not be included
  • Page Numbering: Should not be numbered
  • Figures and Captions: Tables/Figures/Images in text should be placed as close to the reference as possible. It may extend across both columns to a maximum width of the rectangular text area.
  • Sections heading: 12-point Times New Roman bold Font, in all-capitals flush left with additional 6-points of white space above the section head. Sections and subsequent sub- sections should be numbered and flush left. For a section head and a subsection head together (such as Section 3 and subsection 3.1), use no additional space above the subsection head.
  • Sub-Sections Heading: 12-point Times New Roman bold Font with only the initial letters capitalized. (Note: For subsections and sub sub sections, a word like the or a is not capitalized unless it is the first word of the header.)
  • Sub-subsections Headings: 11-point Times New Roman italic Font with initial letters capitalized and 6-points of white space above the sub sub section head.
  • Columns at Last Page: Should Be Made As Close As Possible to Equal Length





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