Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is playing a vital role for every aspect of human civilization. With the rapid development of ICT,  the developing country Nepal are now increasingly dependent on public network applications such as online banking, online stock trading, e-business and e-government. The protection of various national information and communication infrastructure is very crucial. Sophistication of Attack on Information infrastructures are increasing in frequency, sophistication and scale. Thus, the growing cyber security threat in Nepal requires a collaborative knowledge of Information Security experts to meet up together and lead the role with full support from national and international level to defend against cyber security. To address the urgent need for the protection of national information, it is proposed for the establishment of a group called Information Security Response Team Nepal.


The main objectives of Information Security Response Team Nepal are enlisted below.

  • To provide cyber security incident responses.
  • To promote cyber security situational awareness across industry, academia, and the public sector.
  • To support critical national infrastructure companies to handle cyber security incidents.
  • To provide research and analysis of cyber security incidents.
  • To gather and disseminate technical information on cyber security incidents and vulnerabilities and security fixes, and other security information, as well as issue alerts and warnings.
  • To coordinate with other domestic and international Information Security Response Teams and related organizations.