Information Technology Park to come into Operation

Information Technology Park to come into Operation
11 Nov 2016

SSL Distributor from Nepal

 Finally after a long time, the IT Park based in Kavre is all set to come into operation soon said Mr. Ambika Luitel (Chairman of Softech Foundation Pvt. Ltd.)  after receiving a Confirmation letter from Nepal Government.


“The park is a single entity but there are three ministries that are responsible for the park’s operation, for matters related to communication and development of the park as an industry. Though the park has business, administrative and residential structures built and V-Sat system installed, it lacks the facilities of eatery, school, bank and recreation centers.

The government has endorsed Information Technology Park (Management and Operation) Guideline which has a provision that allows the management and operation of the countries only IT Park in Kavre district through public-private partnership, with the collaboration between universities and private sector.



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