Cyber Security Awareness for Samajik College Students

Cyber Security Awareness for Samajik College Students
26 Jun 2017

Information Security Response Team Nepal ( is conducted a Cyber Security Awareness Program in Samajik College at Lokanthali, Bhaktapur. The event was held on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017 at 7 am to 10 am. Computer based Security Awareness Program for End Users. The major highlighted contents was “Face book Security, Provide a high level overview of an effective cyber security awareness, “E-mail spoofing on the rise and Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility.

Cybercrime Community Awareness and Prevention Program at Ridesh Rai (Speaker)

SSL Distributor from Nepal

The speakers at the event are Ridesh Rai (Cyber Security Trainer at Laba Nepal), Khusal Regmi (Central Executive Member of CAN Federation) , Mamta Maharjan and Nikita Khadka. They will be giving their views on minimizing Cyber security threats and raising awareness in Nepal.

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